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  NATRC Member Rides In Extreme Cowboy Race

NATRC Member Rides in Extreme Cowboy Race

NATRC Region Five’s Joyce Lewis proved that competitive trail riding can lead to more extreme events! Joyce was invited by to compete in Craig Cameron’s Extreme Cowboy Race for the second time in October 2008. This time it was an All Girl Challenge.

Joyce is a natural horsemanship trainer with facilities in Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina. She has been a member of NATRC since 2006.  Joyce first rode a bay Quarter Horse named Josh in The Extreme Cowboy Race in 2007 and has ridden him in many NATRC CTR events.    After finding she was not allowed not ride the same horse in this second event, she leased a grey Arabian named Khamaal AB owned by breeder Loretta Milton from Concord, NC.  Joyce rode Khamaal in the Region Five Benefit Ride in September of 2008. She was able to get Khamaal ready for competition in a record 7 months!  

Her NATRC family poured out support to the tune of $1200 total with donations from region five, region three. Regions four’s Teresa Musgrave opened her home to Joyce and Khamaal during their stay in Texas. Other NATRC members arranged for them to stay with Terry and John Price at their stop in Mississippi.  

The competition took place at Craig’s ranch in Texas and included 15 competitors mostly using ranch type working horses. Khamaal stood out in the crowd. The Extreme All Girl Challenge will air on RFD-TV and in the first quarter of 2009 so you can follow Joyce and Khamaal to see how they did. You may learn more about Joyce’s facilities at

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