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Thank you for considering making a donation to NATRC. Donations may be made by check and mailed in or on-line.
  • You may direct your donation to an established fund or specify the application by selecting 'Other' in the 'Apply Donation to' field and entering your direction in the 'Honoring' field.
  • You may make your donation in memory or honor of a person or equine. A card will be sent to the family of the honoree. It will include your name unless you choose to remain anonymous.
  • Because we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, contributions are tax deductible.
On occasion, when a large number of people wish to make donations to honor the memory of a specific person or equine a special form will be provided reflecting the family's request.
Donations by Check
Make checks payable to NATRC (U.S. funds only). Indicate where the funds should be applied in the Note area of the check. If your donation is in honor of a person or equine, please also note the name. Mail to: NATRC, PO Box 969, Beatrice, NE 68310
On-line Donations
NOTE: Each time you push enter after filling in a box, the donation amount will be added to your cart. Instead of pushing the enter key, please tab or click on each box and after you have filled in all the appropriate boxes, click on "Add to Cart" .


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