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Where Are the Rides?...

NATRC has six regions, each of which holds rides in their geographic area and maintains a schedule of their rides. The national web site also maintains a complete schedule of all rides. Click here to see the national Ride Schedule. You will find contact information on the schedule.

Most rides can be entered using the Ride Management System (RMS) where you can set up your free account. Please note that by creating this account you are not joining NATRC.

Some rides require that you enter by filling out and mailing a Ride Entry Form with your deposit to the Ride Secretary whose address is listed on the Ride Schedule. Contact the ride secretary to get the official entry form for that ride, or use the generic Ride Entry Form available here.

Often more detailed information about a ride is available on the region's web site. Click here to view a sample Ride Information Sheet. Some regions provide a region Ride Entry form, customized for that region.

Click on a region below for that region's web site and ride schedule.

Region1 Region 1 Region 2 Region 2 Region 3 Region 4 Region 6 Region 5

You are not required to be an NATRC member to enter a ride.

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